Mold Manufacturing

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High Speed Precision CNC

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Mirror EDM

We make our mold on industry-leading CNC and EDM equipment with standard accuracies of +/- 0.005” on the tool (tighter tolerances are available at an additional fee), then hand bench for superior surface finish.  Custom laser surface textures can be applied for an additional fee.  We use only high stability alloys and quality mold components to assure reliable operation during the injection molding process.  Because we produce and run our own molds in-house, we control every aspect of projects end to end, also making it possible for us to accommodate customer requested engineering changes efficiently.

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Precision CNC

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Upon completion of each project, we store the customer’s tooling in
our computerized storage system so that we can injection mold additional
components efficiently on short notice.  Our “Lifetime Mold Guarantee”
ensures that should a customer want to continue to have us produce parts
periodically in the future, we are able to support them.

Tooling Technology:         
Aotomotive  molds                Insert molding                               Over-molding  Multi-Cavity                  
Silicon mold                           Stack mold                                      Unscrewing mold
Gas-Assisted molding           Metal injection mold(MIM)               2K Molds